***Our Sunday Battles may start up again in 2022 depending on what is possible and safe for our community, considering how the pandemic has affected public health concerns and the way our programs operate. We will announce the restart here on our website, and on our Facebook page, so keep an eye on those for updates. We welcome you to reach out by email with thoughts or concerns about beginning to gather again. But for now, all programs remain cancelled.***

*We have begun to create online content that our students and community can utilize at home! Check out our Patreon account to see photos and videos from past battles and trainings, and to utilize new video content to be able to train at home with friends and family! Our goals are to help families that are now without child care, to help our students continue to train in the safer environment of a small group of players, and to help get people exercising outside to stay healthy and positive!*


If you want to purchase gear to expand your home training possibilities, we can take orders through email at thewanderingswordsmen@gmail.com to ship gear to your house, or you can pick gear up from our location in Asheville!

Stay healthy and stay postive yall! We can make it through this experience and be even stronger afterward if we all help support each other!

Check out WLOS Coverage on The Wandering Swordsmen!

And check out WLOS coverage on TWS Summer Camp!

The Wandering Swordsmen is a battle facilitation organization dedicated to the improvement of full-contact combat culture. Our goal is to provide quality services and items for fighters both locally and at far-ranging festivals so that we can help strengthen the culture of battling all across the country. We believe that this culture is not only a ton of fun to be a part of, but that it teaches people incredibly helpful skills and gives them highly valuable experiences. Our dream is to be able to travel the country and help people everywhere have these experiences and learn these skills, and to help them build strong communities that perpetuate those efforts.

For those who don’t know, boffer games are a sport based around using foam padded implements representing swords, shields, arrows, and other gear that is designed to safely come into realistic physical contact with the players. It’s super fun and an automatic huge hit with both kids and adults! We provide all the gear and referee the games for safety and fair play, taking players through a large number of different game setups and scenarios.

“Swordsman or Swordsmen?” -When I first started this project, I thought of it as something that I would do alone and take with me while traveling all over the country, and thus named it “The Wandering Swordsman” because that’s what I wanted to be. But as it grew and became a business, I realized that it was about so much more than just me. I have had so much vital help from so many people, so it didn’t feel right to call it something that insinuated that it was all about me anymore. Thus I decided to officially name the business “The Wandering Swordsmen” to reflect the inclusion of all the people that have helped make it into what it is now! I still have a number of different amazing things that say “Swordsman” on them though, such as the hand carved wooden sign that is in the heading photo of the website, or my vinyl sign that I use on the booth. Both of these items were gifts from people who were incredibly helpful in getting this business started, and are still very useful, so I choose to continue to use them even though they technically have a slight typo!

-Phil Ferguson, AKA Lupos Caelo

2 Responses to About

  1. dan says:

    like the garb

  2. Pat Orsban says:

    nice meeting you guys Sunday (3/9), I will be passing along the fun! Pat Orsban (Zig Le Monde) you have email on my release form

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